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Say Hello to Powerful Background Screening Technology

Back in the "old days" of background screenings, everything was done on paper. HR would hand a job applicant endless forms to fill out. The applicant would hand it back to HR, who would then finally send it to the background check company.

It was time consuming. And inefficient.

But good technology has helped change all that. And Good Egg's background screening technology has truly revolutionized the industry.


Modern Technology for a Modern Workforce

You're likely hiring more and more Millennials (and soon, Gen Z). You need a screening process that meets their demands while allowing HR to operate at peak capacity. Good Egg's technology helps you do all of this—and more!

Initiate screenings quickly through text or email.

Get the screening process started quickly, legally, and compliantly. Our technology makes it easy for you to initiate background screenings through a simple text or email sent to the applicant. (Psst: your Millennial and Gen Z candidates are going to expect this.)


Reduce time-to-hire.

Because you can initiate screenings via email or text, you'll shave off 2-3 days from the overall process, effectively reducing the time-to-hire. This is good news in a tight labor market where everyone is competing for the best people.


Integrate screenings with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Integrating our background checks with your ATS makes it even easier to kick off everything directly from the ATS. Our interface—the one you see and the one your job applicant sees—is intuitive and easy to use as well.


Have confidence in each screening's accuracy & thoroughness.

Our technology is integrated with the courthouses that are online as well as the thousands of other databases that exist. Plus, the artificial intelligence (AI) we use for social media screenings is unrivaled. The result? Accurate and thorough screenings that help you hire with more confidence.


Know the status of your screens in real time.

Your dashboard always offers up-to-the-minute info, but we also provide a daily email summary that tells you which screenings are complete and which ones are in flight (including their estimated time for completion). You'll always know where things stand so you can do your job better.


Count on strict compliance and strong security.

Keeping people's sensitive information safe is our number one priority. Our data is secure, and our methods comply with all relevant laws and regulations.


Provide candidates with an excellent experience.

Our candidate portal is intuitive and offers job applicants real-time updates on the status of their screens as well as top-notch customer support to answer questions and help navigate any issues.


The best way to experience our powerful technology is through a demo.
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