5 Benefits of MVR Monitoring

Here's a secret: you likely have many more people driving on behalf of your company than you realize. Think sales reps, customer service folks, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and so forth.

Even if these workers use their own vehicles, if they're driving on behalf of your company, they can put your organization at risk. Your company is liable for their actions on the road—actions that could result in skyrocketing insurance premiums, not to mention PR headaches and brand damage.

For example, let's say your new employee passes the initial MVR check, but three months later, during non-work hours, they lose their license one Saturday night because of a DUI. They're probably not going to come to you on Monday morning and say, "Hey, Awesome Employer. My license has been suspended." Instead, they're probably going to keep quiet about it.  

Here's the problem with this scenario: If they continue driving with the suspended license and they get into an accident while driving on behalf of your company, you have liability as an employer. The good news? You can mitigate this risk through MVR monitoring.  

With MVR monitoring, you'll receive notifications about any changes to your employees' motor vehicle records. You can then address the situation promptly and take any necessary corrective actions to ensure that the person isn't driving on behalf of your company anymore.

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Here's how MVR monitoring works:

  • We run an MVR background check to establish a baseline. An MVR check is a report of a person's driving history. It includes information, such as license expiration, status, license class, endorsements, restrictions, traffic violations, accidents, vehicular crimes, suspensions—even unpaid parking tickets, and, in some states, unpaid child support.
  • We continuously monitor the driver's MVR on a go-forward basis. Once we run the initial MVR check, we now have a full report on the driver. Then, our system simply monitors the driver's record going forward. Whenever new information is placed on the driver's motor vehicle record, we get a ping. At that point, we pull the driver's MVR to see what the new information is.


5 Benefits of MVR Monitoring:

1. MVR monitoring can act as a deterrent.

Just as random drug testing often acts as a deterrent in the workplace, MVR monitoring can have the same effect. If employees know their driving records are being monitored, some of these employees will likely avoid reckless behaviors when they drive.

2. MVR monitoring can help lower insurance premiums.

In fact, more and more insurance companies are running MVR checks as part of their underwriting process. Check out this article for more information: Ask the Attorney—MVR Checks & Insurance Companies.

3. MVR monitoring is very inexpensive.

MVR monitoring only costs a few dollars per month per driver, and the cost can be offset by not having to run full MVR checks each year on everyone who drives on behalf of your company.

Remember, if there's no change to the individual's MVR, only the monitoring fee is charged. Whenever something new gets placed on the individual's motor vehicle record, the system is alerted about the change, at which point, we'll run the MVR check to see what the new information is—however, this is only for employees with new information on their MVR .

NOTE: Some industries, such as those regulated by the DOT, require annual MVR rescreening. In those instances, MVR monitoring alone wouldn't fulfill the DOT requirement.

4. MVR monitoring can easily be bundled with other background check services.

MVR monitoring is the perfect complement to other post-hire employment monitoring, such as social media monitoring, criminal monitoring, and random drug testing. These solutions work in tandem to create a safer and more productive workforce.

5. MVR monitoring protects your employees, other people on the road, and your brand.

The goal with MVR monitoring is to keep everyone safe—the employee who's driving, anyone who's driving with them (such as co-workers), and other people on the road. A person's safety is paramount. But MVR monitoring also protects your brand by avoiding bad press and expensive negligent retention lawsuits.

Bottom Line: MVR Monitoring is a Wise Investment
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