A Better Background Check Vendor Could Have Saved this Company 7.5M

You might have heard about Walgreens having to pay a 7.5 million-dollar settlement because it employed an unlicensed pharmacist for over a decade. While we can only speculate how something like this happened, the case does highlight several points we often stress to our customers.

Regularly audit your background check process.

And when we say audit your background check process, we mean audit it—look for problems, gaps, and oversights. Why wasn't the Walgreens pharmacist's license re-verified every time she was promoted? A thorough audit of the screening process, including license reverification procedures, might have caught the oversight.

GOOD EGG'S APPROACH: We don't wait for you to ask; we regularly remind our customers when it's time to perform these important internal audits.

Choose a background check company that wants to be your partner, not simply a vendor.

Too often, we've had companies come to us after a breakdown in communication with their former background check vendor. Here's the thing: the best background check vendors aren't even really "vendors"—they're partners. And the key attribute of a successful partnership is strong communication.

Here's what to look for:

  • You should have a dedicated account manager who gets to know your business and background check needs. After all, every business is different—what you do, how you do it, the makeup of your workforce, the challenges you face.
  • Your account manager should respond promptly to your calls and emails. Nothing's worse than when you have an important question, yet all you have is a 1-800 number or you get lost in voicemail hell.
  • Your account manager should proactively reach out. Sure, it's great to have someone who is responsive to your calls and emails, but it's even better to have an account manager who reaches out on their own because of what they're seeing in terms of your business, your industry, and the law.

GOOD EGG'S APPROACH: Your Good Egg account manager gets to know your business inside and out, particularly your hiring challenges and goals, so that they can suggest the best background check packages to meet those goals.

They also pride themselves in their speedy response to your calls and emails (and excellent customer service in general).

Not only that, but your Good Egg account manager essentially acts like traffic control—they have the 30,000-foot view, but they also understand what's happening on the ground. For example, has a law changed that could affect your hiring workflows? You can bet your Good Egg account manager will be in touch ASAP to discuss what this means for your business and overall background check process.

Don't leave your background checks to just anyone!

Instead, choose a partner like Good Egg. 

Ready to experience the difference?

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Danielle Deutsch

Posted by Danielle Deutsch

Danielle is the Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator at Good Egg & Foley Services. In her spare time you can find her either visiting an aquarium, enjoying a Broadway show or competing in a Crossfit competition.

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