Background Check Resources: Our Top 10 Posts from 2020

In case you've been distracted in 2020 (who hasn't?), here's a roundup of our most viewed blog posts from the last 12 months. (Not all were published this year, but all are still relevant.)

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1. Instant Drug Testing vs. Lab-Based Testing: What You Need to Know

Gist: People often ask us about the differences between these two types of drug tests. This article provides an at-a-glance overview.

Insightful quote: "Lab-based drug tests are more accurate. We like to say they are more rigorous, more involved, and more defensible in a court of law, all of which are elements certain organizations must consider, particularly heavily regulated industries, like the DOT. But it doesn't necessarily need to be an either-or decision. You might end up using a combination of instant testing and lab-based testing."


2. What Does a Pre-Employment Background Check Contain?

Gist: If you're trying to figure out what sorts of screens to include in your organization's background check program, this is a good place to start. Or if you're a job seeker who's trying to understand what goes into pre-employment background checks, this post is for you! (After you're done, check out our Candidate Help Center for further info).

Insightful quote: "Several factors will influence what employers decide to include in their pre-employment background checks, such as applicable laws (i.e. federal, state, and local) and the position for which someone is applying."


3. Is this Legal? Social Media Background Check FAQs

Gist: We answer all of your burning questions around social media screening starting with the granddaddy of them all: Is it legal?

Insightful quote: "Is social media screening legal? The short answer: Yes, BUT it has to be done correctly.

If you're tasked with making hiring decisions and you decide to look at an applicant's social media activity on your own, you're opening yourself up to potential problems (such as discrimination lawsuits)."


4. Understanding the Criminal Background Check Process

Gist: When people say the word "background check," quite often, they're referring to a criminal background check. In this post, we get into the nitty-gritty behind criminal history checks. Like so many things in employment screening, it's complicated! But this article provides a solid overview, including why you should NOT use so-called "instant" national background checks.

Insightful quote: "Delivery of criminal history search results will vary by jurisdiction: searches processed via electronic/integrated methods will typically be returned more quickly than those searches conducted by researchers and court runners."


5. Seven Myths About Criminal Record Checks, Busted

Gist: We've written extensively about criminal history checks on our blog, so it's no surprise to us that several posts in our "top 10" involve this topic. In this article, we tackle some popular myths. Get the facts!

Insightful quote: "When comparing providers of criminal background checks, make sure you're comparing apples to apples. Consider what the record check is going to cover. A quality criminal background check should, at the very least, consider aliases (like a maiden name) and where the person currently lives (and, ideally, has lived). Then, the background check provider should conduct criminal county searches in those jurisdictions. (Note: it's worth noting that the majority of crimes are committed and prosecuted at the local level.)"


6. What's an MVR Report and Why Should More Companies Care?

Gist: You likely have more people driving on behalf of your company than you realize. This creates risk. Learn how MVR background checks and ongoing monitoring can help mitigate these risks.

Insightful quote: "If you don't monitor MVRs, think about what could happen. If someone is driving with a suspended license on behalf of your company and they get in an accident involving injuries or fatalities, well . . . you can fill in the blanks: lawsuits, brand damage, and skyrocketing insurance premiums."


7. Social Media Monitoring: A Smart Option for Remote Workforces

Gist: This article resonated with a lot of HR managers this year. And no wonder, given how many businesses had to pivot due to the pandemic. So, how can you keep tabs on the all-important workplace "culture" when everyone is working remotely? Three words: social media monitoring.

Insightful quote: "Now here's the dirty truth: unfortunately, there's been an increase in negative online behavior since the pandemic—particularly racist speech. (An article in The New Yorker discusses the 'rise of coronavirus hate crimes,' noting that throughout history, pandemics have often intensified discrimination against minorities.)"


8. Is Social Media Screening Ethical?

Gist: The ethical nature of social media screening tends to be one of the biggest concerns that customers have, mainly because they hear objections from their employees. This article provides a rational point of view that you can incorporate into your organization's social media policy.

Insightful quote: "Often, what they're really asking is whether social media screening is legal. Legal and ethical are very different things. So let's unpack both questions but without getting bogged down in a philosophical discussion. Instead, we'll take a common sense approach."


9. Four Reasons Why Employment Verifications and Reference Check Services Still Matter

Gist: Desperate times often call for desperate measures. Due to the pandemic, record unemployment has made hiring even more complex for employers and job seekers.

Insightful quote: "If someone is willing to lie about meeting education and experience requirements during challenging personal times, how will they act if they face a challenging situation while employed by your company? And how much money will be wasted recruiting, on-boarding, and training individuals who aren’t actually qualified to do the job? Hiring quality people involves making judgment calls all the time. But you should only make those calls once you have all the verified facts, including education, licenses/certification, and employment."


10. How to Choose the Best Background Check Service Partner

Gist: Are you considering a new background check partner? Here's what to keep in mind as you evaluate your options.

Insightful quote: "Is the background check vendor accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA)? If the answer is 'no,' then cross the vendor off your list. The Professional Background Screening Association (formerly the National Association of Professional Background Screeners) is a nonprofit trade organization founded in 2003 'to advance excellence in the screening profession.'"


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