Our 2023 Predictions About Background Checks

How a person represents their education and employment history says a lot about their character.

The calendar might say February, but we're still feeling the new-year glow at Good Egg.

In fact, since everyone's settled into 2023, now's an excellent time to share our background check predictions for the next 12 months.

In this article, we'll discuss...

  • Which background checks will see an increase in orders in 2023?
  • Will drug-testing delays ever ease up?
  • How will background check technology change in 2023?
  • Which pandemic-related background check mistake will continue to haunt companies?
  • What legal issues should HR keep in mind?

Which background check will see an increase in orders in 2023?

Anyone who's followed the George Santos saga has likely wondered why no one bothered to vet his education and employment history long before he was elected to Congress.

Unfortunately, we see this situation all too often. Many organizations (large and small) trust what people put on their resumes. But applicants do lie about their experience, their education, and even critical things like medical certifications.

So will this bombshell story have an impact on how companies vet job applicants?

    GOOD EGG'S PREDICTION: It's too bad that it took a headline like "Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Résumé May Be Largely Fiction" to make people think twice about employment and education verifications. But thanks to this and other recent stories, we are seeing an uptick in orders for verifications—and we predict this will continue. (Which is a good thing!)

We're also seeing more and more organizations run social media background checks—something we support wholeheartedly and that we think will continue this year and beyond. 

Will drug-testing delays ease up in 2023?

Yes! And we're already seeing things ease up. As you know, the pandemic sparked many supply chain issues at drug-testing labs. Luckily, things have leveled out.

    GOOD EGG'S PREDICTION: Drug-testing labs will continue to have fewer delays at the county level.

How will background check technology change?

Last month's job report surprised everyone. The U.S. economy added over a half million jobs, and the unemployment rate fell to 3.4%, the lowest since May 1969, according to CNBC.

In other words, it's still an extremely tight labor market, despite upheaval in certain sectors (like technology), inflation, and recession fears. Competition for talent remains fierce, which means HR departments and recruiters will continue to look for ways to streamline their hiring and onboarding processes.

    GOOD EGG'S PREDICTION: To accomplish this streamlining, more and more companies are going to seek integrations between their applicant tracking system (ATS) and their background check vendor's software

Which pandemic-related background check mistake will continue to haunt companies?

During the pandemic, some companies slashed their background check budgets to save money, even as they continued hiring. Not a good move! (Read why pre-employment background checks are so important.

Could this come back to haunt those companies? Short answer: YES.

    GOOD EGG'S PREDICTION: Companies that slashed their background check budgets or paused programs completely will continue to feel the effects of their decision as they pour money into replacing bad hires. No doubt, some of those bad hires could have been avoided with the right mix of background checks.

What legal issues should HR departments keep in mind in 2023?

More "fair chance hiring" laws will go into effect or be posed by legislatures. For example, this article notes that the city of Gainesville recently "became the first jurisdiction in Florida to restrict the use of pre-employment inquiries into an applicant's criminal history."

    GOOD EGG'S PREDICTION: Organizations that operate where fair chance hiring laws exist will need expert guidance around their screening procedures. This will likely force some organizations to change background check providers since not every vendor offers this level of expertise. (Hint: At Good Egg, we do!)

Remember: Good Egg is here for you.

No matter what hiring challenges 2023 throws your way, you can count on our background check expertise to get you through it. Get in touch and let's discuss your screening needs for this year—and beyond.

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