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When it comes to the people you hire, character matters. After all, you want a safe and productive workforce filled with people who reflect your company's values, right?

But here's the thing: A person’s character is not a single data point.

Instead, a person's character is reflected in the choices they make throughout their life. It's reflected in not only how they present themselves on a resume or during an interview, but also what they say and do every day, especially online.

What's one of the best ways to view this character portrait? Through the lens of a social media background check.

A person's social media history is one of the most important inputs when hiring for culture.

Your corporate culture is your company's everything—it represents the organization's values, vision, and work environment, among other things. You want to hire people who demonstrate those values. How a person acts on social media is a powerful way to check for this.

Our compliant social media screening uses the power of AI and combines it with the human touch for quality assurance.

A person's online world is vast. It would be impossible for one person to sift through it all. Artificial intelligence provides a lightning fast method for reviewing and flagging the following types of content on a person's public Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn along with a web/news search.

1. Hate Speech

2. Insults and Bullying

3. Narcotics

4. Obscene Language

5. Self-Harm

6. Threat of Violence

7. Toxic Language

8. Drug-Related Images

9. Explicit/Racy Images

10. Violent Images

A human being provides quality assurance before results are compliantly shared with our customers.

(Don't underestimate compliance, either. While not the main topic for this article, it is incredibly important. Learn more about compliant social media background checks here.)

Our social media screening solution also highlights positives.

Keep in mind that we can only speak for our solution. Yes, it flags the problematic content outlined above. But it can also capture positive information as well.

For example, in addition to knowing a candidate occasionally uses blue language online, wouldn't you also want to know that same candidate has been involved with a local homeless shelter for the last five years—and has been featured in news stories about the shelter's awesome volunteers?

Again, the goal is to provide a balanced picture of a candidate so that you can make a smart hiring decision based on what your organization thinks is important or relevant to your business and the workplace.

Social media screening involves the long view.

The way a person uses social media can and does change. That's why our social media screening solution goes back seven years. So, as another example, the screen might flag problematic content from five years ago, but the most recent years don't have any flags. Combined with a couple of positives, this insight would offer a more balanced view of who the person is today.

Social media screening shouldn't stop once a candidate is hired.

To reiterate what we mentioned earlier: A person's character is reflected in the choices they make throughout their life—their past, present, and their future. People can change for better or for worse. If you hired someone because you believe they'll be a good fit for your organization, it's important to make sure the person continues to be a good fit. Ongoing monitoring of employees' public social media activity can help make this a reality.

Let Good Egg show you how powerful a social media background check can be.

Remember, the goal of social media screening is to shine a spotlight on a candidate's character based on how they behave in the online public square. Because when an HR manager is armed with this intelligence, the manager has a much more complete portrait of the candidate and can make better hiring decisions.

Let us show you our social media screening solution first hand—request a demo!


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