Why Healthcare Background Checks Matter

Today, we're going to shine the spotlight on healthcare background checks, an apt choice, given the pandemic. Hiring qualified healthcare workers is incredibly important, and background checks can go a long way in making sure you do exactly that.

1. Verifying credentials will expose frauds—and potentially save lives.

It might seem unfathomable that a candidate would lie about their healthcare credentials, and yet it does happen. This Florida man served time for impersonating a doctor. (And when he got out of jail, he committed more fraud.) This Walgreens pharmacist worked for over a decade before anyone caught on about her lack of credentials—and in the meantime, she allegedly filled 750,00 prescriptions. Or consider this article on "nurse imposters."

Bottom line: Healthcare organizations should verify every license/certification for the people they hire. It could literally make the difference between life and death.

2. Running pre-employment social media checks can uncover toxic behaviors that run counter to compassionate, responsible care.

At Good Egg, you'll often hear us say "Character matters." And character especially matters when it comes to providing responsive, compassionate, and ethical care.

Healthcare employees regularly interact with the public—often when people are at their weakest or most vulnerable. So wouldn't it be great to know you haven't just hired a racist who brags online about treating people differently based on skin color, religion, or sexual orientation? A social media background check offers another revealing lens in which to view the candidate.

3. Conducting pre-employment drug tests can help you hire more confidently. And ongoing drug monitoring can alert you of issues so you can take appropriate action.

The American Addiction Centers reported in February 2020: "The issue of substance abuse in medical professionals has slightly lowered overall in the last decade or so, but still remains a problem year after year. Few careers have such odd working hours and so many traumatic situations as those in the healthcare industry. The high levels of stress and physical pain that often come with this job open the door for numerous types of addiction."

Struggles include addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, and even illicit drugs. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation notes that while substance misuse and addiction rates are no different among healthcare professionals (HCPs) than they are in the general population, "HCPs demonstrate significantly higher levels of opioid abuse."

The Foundation goes on to say, "These problems are particularly troubling in a provider population, as they can lead to serious safety issues for the patients HCPs treat while under the influence."

Conducting a pre-employment drug screening (as allowed by law) can help you hire more confidently. And ongoing drug monitoring can alert you of issues before they get out of control.

Good Egg regularly helps organizations with their healthcare background checks.

We know that hiring qualified talent quickly is essential in healthcare—especially now during the pandemic. But patient and staff safety matter as well. Our healthcare background checks drive healthy employment while avoiding the negative side effects of a bad hire. Let's talk about your needs today!


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Danielle Deutsch

Posted by Danielle Deutsch

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