Say Hello to the Good Egg Candidate Portal

We recently launched a new candidate portal. Features include:

  • Real-time updates. Candidates can monitor the progress of their background order. Intuitive visual markers indicate the status of each component (in progress or complete).
  • Easy viewing of the completed report. Once the background screen is done, the candidate can view a PDF of the completed report, download, and save it.
  • Quick help. If a candidate needs assistance, the ‘Contact us’ button makes it easy to reach the Good Egg support team.

Below are screenshots that show what your candidates will experience when they use the new candidate portal.

Each Candidate Has a Secure, Custom URL to Access the Portal

Once applicants have authorized the background screening and submitted all requested information, they will see this screen, which includes a custom link to their applicant portal where they can view the status of their background check.

Intuitive & Easy to Navigate

When a job applicant clicks on their custom URL, they will be brought to their candidate portal where they can view the status of their background check in real time. The next several screen shots will take a deeper look into each section.

Candidates Can Easily See Where Things Stand

Here’s an example of a background check that’s still processing. The check marks show which screenings are complete, and the listings with the little clock icons indicate that they are still in progress.

Candidates Can Count on Quick Responses to Questions

If your applicant has questions, they can email Good Egg support straight from the portal.

Candidates Can Save Completed Reports with a Couple of Clicks

When the background check is complete, everything is blue and the applicant will see check marks next to each screening. Now, they can view and save their completed background check by clicking "View as PDF" (the green box).