Today’s workforce has changed. At Good Egg, we believe the way you screen candidates should too.

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Today's background checks are broken.


percent of employees have stolen at least twice from their employer²


increase in FCRA litigation over the past three years³


We've got a solution:
The Screening Continuum.

It’s a faster, smarter approach to screening that looks at every part of a candidate’s career. To not only show you where they’ve been, but also where they’re headed. Helping you hire smarter, and mitigate risk at every step.

The Screening Continuum


A thorough investigation of a candidate’s past.


A clear picture of current behavior and cultural fit built off robust online reputation analysis and social media review.


An ongoing pulse of post-hire behavior including criminal and driving checks.

More on the Continuum

Best in-class employers monitor their employees

Reduce turnover and lower the risk of a bad hire by using a comprehensive monitoring program.

More on Monitoring


percent of employees who commit fraud are first-time offenders.

Cut down on time-to-hire by an average of 30%

We use a mobile-friendly platform powered by innovative technology to help you hire faster. With end-to-end automation, built-in compliance tools, and candidate-enabling workflows, it reduces your time-to-hire with every candidate.

Smarter screening for the modern workforce

6 star customer experience

6 star customer experience

Experienced, personalized, and available 24/7.

Faster results

Faster results

Get real-time results pulled directly from the court.

ATS integration

ATS integration

Robust API that connects to your ATS.

Manage all screening through the same system

Manage all screening through the same system

Order and receive results on all screens including drug testing, social and post-hire monitoring.



Technology that ensures you are complying with all state and federal laws.

Automated Application Flow

Automated Application Flow

Push application to the devices your applicants already use.


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