A Background Check Company That Delivers Six-Star Customer Service?

Yes, It IS Possible.

Too many background check companies (especially the big guys) claim to offer stellar customer service. They might even demonstrate it during the sales process.

But then after you sign a contract?

Well, that's often when things change (and not for the better).

Your calls suddenly go unanswered. Or you find yourself on the customer service merry-go-round, talking to a different person every time you call. Or your candidates are left in the dark and venting their frustrations at you.

That's certainly NOT six-star customer service. It's not even three-star, as far as we're concerned.

And that's not how we do it at Good Egg.



Aligning Our Background Check Process with Six-Star Customer Service

To us, stellar customer service starts with one simple question: "If we were the customer, what would we expect from the customer success team?"

And then we act accordingly. It's a great philosophy for life, and a great philosophy for customer service, especially for a background check company.

At Good Egg, we employ people who embrace this philosophy. Members of our customer success team have genuine expertise in the rules, regulations, and nuances of employment background checks, but they’re also a group of genuinely nice people who want you to walk away satisfied, not disgruntled.

And here's the thing: we don't just treat our customers this way. We also treat your candidates the same way. In fact, delivering an excellent candidate experience is one of the best ways we can help you. Not to mention, it helps us achieve our goal: to be the best-reviewed background check company in the galaxy.

What our customers are saying...


"As an HR professional, I cannot say enough positive things about Good Egg. They are really great with customer service and are always timely and responsive with whatever comes up day to day. The background check results are thorough and fast. I highly recommend Good Egg and give them two thumbs all the way up."

Human Resources Manager Hartford Yard Goats


"I love how easy the system is to use, and that we can also do drug screens through the software. It helps make things very streamlined for myself and our new hires."

Director of Human Resources Origin Biologics


"Very easy to navigate and super efficient! Friendly and responsive staff!"


"I had a great experience with good egg, it was fast and easy to get everything done, more businesses need to go through good egg!!"

Candidates Screened by Good Egg


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How Our Background Check Process Makes Customers and Candidates Happy


You'll enjoy one dedicated, US-based customer success representative.
Your customer success representative will always happily take your calls and answer your emails. Your rep will also take the time to understand your industry, your business, and the hiring challenges you face. Our goal is to make your job easier—and to make the employment background check process seamless for your candidates.


You can expect responses in a timely manner
What's our definition of timely? Same business day, and often within a couple of hours. Bottom line: When you have a question, you won't fall into a black hole of voice mail misery. And you can rest assured that when you hit "send" on an email, we'll actually read it and respond. We do the same for your candidates as well.


You actually get answers to your background check questions.
Have you ever talked to an unhelpful customer service rep who has the audacity to ask at the end of the call, "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" Talk about infuriating! Our goal: to make sure you're always happy after hanging up the phone with us. Plus, we offer your candidates an easy way to get answers to their questions through our Candidate Help Center.


You can always count on our innovative background check technology.
From ATS integrations to giving you the ability to kick off background checks via candidate text messaging, we're constantly pushing our technology so that it makes life easier for you and your applicants. Learn more about our background check software.


You can always count on us to make things right.
We always work to make things right if we get something wrong. Our customer success reps don't work in a vacuum, either. If one person is having a tough time finding an answer or solution, they'll turn to the bullpen for ideas and support. We're here for each other, just as we're here for you.


You'll experience what it's like to work with proactive people.
We don't simply respond to your calls and emails. Your customer success representative will often contact you first—to check in, to see how things are going, and to suggest adjustments and/or tweaks to packages. So many companies claim they want to be your "partner." But when we say it, we mean it.


You can make suggestions and expect continuous improvements.
Many companies run surveys. Whenever we do, we not only read them, but also act on them. Some of the most powerful changes we've made to our background check process have resulted from our customers' comments. It makes sense, doesn't it? You're on the hiring frontlines every day, so you can tell us what's working and what isn't.

Good Egg Customer Success Stories

Here's what Gerald Bush from Indiana MENTOR had to say about working with Good Egg: "The customer service is top-notch. The Good Egg team always views any challenges we lob their way from a ‘customized solutions’ lens rather than a cookie-cutter approach. I really appreciate that.”

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