Drug Tests, Drug Screening & Pre-Employment Drug Tests

You Can't Afford Not to Do It.

Let's face it: employee substance abuse affects the safety, productivity, and quality of your workforce.

You've likely heard the startling statistics:

  • Of the 14.8 million drug users in America, 70% are employed.
  • Substance abuse costs U.S. business owners upwards of $140 billion dollars per year, due to things like lost productivity and turnover.
  • Employee drug abuse can result in more workplace injuries, violence, and lawsuits.

The good news?

When employers intervene and encourage treatment and rehab, employees are more likely to seek treatment AND they tend to become better workers.

In fact, organizations that require drug testing see many benefits, including increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and fewer workers comp claims.

So conducting drug test screenings for job applicants and employees is a no brainer.

The challenge? Finding a provider that's fast, accurate, convenient, and economical.

Drug & Health Screening

Say hello to Good Egg.

Our customizable program gets you quick, accurate results that will help inform hiring decisions and allow you to better manage and counsel your existing workforce.

The Good Egg drug testing process is straightforward:
  1. You order and schedule the test (as part of the background check).
  2. The applicant provides a sample.
  3. The sample is shipped to the lab.
  4. The lab tests the sample.
  5. The Medical Review Officer assesses the results.
  6. We post the results online in a secure portal for you to access.

Typically, our drug screening process takes no more than three business days to complete. We manage everything in-house since we operate our own testing platform. Plus, we have the largest collection-site network in the U.S. (over 10,000 locations!), making it super easy for your job applicants and employees to give samples.

Get our Pre-employment drug screening guide to better understand these 6 basic steps of the drug testing process.

We Also Offer Occupational Health Screenings

Think of Good Egg as your one-stop resource for all pre-employment and post-employment screenings. You can easily bundle occupational health screenings, such as physicals and lift tests, with your other screenings.

Security Done Right

Substance abuse and addiction are understandably sensitive areas. We take three important measures to protect people's privacy.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Your data is transferred with high-grade TLS and multi-layered encryption. Encryption keys are stored separately from the data. Everything is hosted in our off-site, secure cloud infrastructure.

Strong Data Center Security

Our server hosting locations are staffed all day, every day by trained security guards who have undergone a thorough auditing process.

Tough Data Encryption

All applicant sensitive information is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), specifically AES-256. AES is considered the gold standard for keeping digital communications safe.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick: usually no more than three business days!
  • Accurate: results are reviewed by a board-certified physician tasked with assessing test results.
  • Convenient: over 10,000 locations nationwide, the largest network in the U.S.
  • Customizable: urine, oral fluid, and hair testing available and instant testing and lab-based testing also available.
  • Effective: ongoing monitoring of current employees helps identify issues so you can take a proactive approach.
  • Health Screenings. Bundle occupational health screens with your drug tests or order them separately—the choice is yours.
  • 100% Secure: your applicants' and employees' privacy are essential.

How much less productive employees with substance abuse issues are.
[Source: NSC]


How much more likely drug users are to be involved in workplace accidents.
[Source: OHS Inc.]


The number of drug users that are still employed.
[Source: NCADD]

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Experience a Better Way to Conduct Drug Test Screening & Monitoring

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