Compliance & Security

The compliance & security you need.

In today’s hiring landscape, protecting your company means using a screening system that meets the highest standards for compliance and security. Considering recent spikes in EEOC and FCRA litigation nationwide, it’s now more crucial than ever to partner with a company that’s experienced in navigating modern screening and hiring complexities.

That’s where Good Egg comes in. Our system works to ensure the maximum possible compliance and precision in accordance with FCRA guidelines, complete with live integrations with up-to-date court source records. Robust access management and 256-bit encryption ensure that you have complete control over who can access your data – and how much of it each person can see.

The compliance & security you need.

more lawsuits were filed under the FCRA in February of 2018 than in February of 2017

While strict security precautions prevent information from falling into the wrong hands, our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to track paperwork and follow a candidate’s progress through the hiring process. It’s all automated: once the applicant responds to a mobile-friendly e-invite, they’ll enter Good Egg’s online portal, where they’ll be prompted to respond to authorization requests and necessary disclosures. Once they complete the process, Good Egg works within EEOC guidelines to help you make an informed decision about their candidacy, based on screening results and the context of the job function. Clear, easy-to-read reports automatically flag concern areas, ensuring that nothing flies under the radar.
Good Egg’s combination of in-house expertise and efficient, user-friendly technology will streamline your screening process like never before – without ever sacrificing attention to detail.

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