Drug Testing

The Right Kind of Positive Results

Employee substance abuse impacts the safety and productivity of your workplace. Protect both with a customizable program that gets you positive results, fast. Drug testing is available with every screen we sell, and it’s all managed in house as we operate our own testing platform.

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The Right Kind of Positive Results

how much less productive employees with substance abuse issues are (on average).


how much more likely drug users are to be involved in workplace accidents.


the number of drug users who steal from their workplace to support their addiction.

The Drug Screening Continuum

A candidate’s past substance abuse is a good indicator of whether they’ll use in the future. But the smartest way to mitigate the risk associated with drug use is to screen for it across the Continuum.




Pre-employment testing reveals drug use within the last 30 days


Random drug testing mitigates the risk of abuse on an on-going basis once employed

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Fast and convenient

With over 12,000 collection sites nationwide, you can get results fast and conveniently. This helps reduce your time-to-hire significantly.

Fast and convenient

In-house expertise

With a full-time Medical Review Officer (MRO) team on staff, we can design, implement, and manage an expert program in-house. No third party required.

In-house expertise

Comprehensive compliance

We have in-house expertise to build state and federal regulation compliance tools into our workflows. So your program will meet all requirements - no matter your industry or location.


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