Retail Background Checks

Retail Background Checks Designed for a Fast-Paced Industry

High employee turnover rates and poor customer reviews are just a couple of the challenges facing retailers today. The best way to combat these challenges is by building a workforce you feel confident in—one filled with qualified employees who can be the face of your brand. Our fast and comprehensive retail background checks will help you do exactly that.


Why Retailers Should Run Background Checks

Considering everything that's at stake for retailers—from potential credit card theft to bad customer reviews—this industry should absolutely embrace the concept of running retail background checks on all employees: full-time, part-time, and seasonal.

Below are just some of the retail background checks that we can customize for you:

Is it really necessary to run retail background checks on seasonal workers every year?

With a seasonal business, it's easy to think, "Hey, I'm only in business four to six months out of the year. I have to maximize profits. I can't afford doing background checks." But honestly, you can't afford not to. Think about it: if you make a critical hiring mistake, you have even less time to recover (plus, you'll have to fill that position all over again). Keep reading.


The Good Egg Way: A Better Approach to Retail Background Checks

We strive to be the best-reviewed background check company on the planet. Why? Well, anyone can wax poetic about how great they are. But when other people are genuinely singing a company's praises, you know that company is the real deal.

Plus, we bring even more to the table:


Candidate Text Messaging: We make it so easy for your applicants to get their retail background checks completed because we can trigger everything from their smartphones. This means you can fill open positions faster—and with more confidence.

ATS Integration: Efficient recruitment, streamlined applicant tracking, and easy monitoring—that's what retailers desire and what we deliver with our ATS integrations.

Six-Star Customer Service: Yeah, we already mentioned it. But we're so proud of it, we're mentioning it again.

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