Healthcare Background Checks

Compliant Healthcare Background Checks Protect Your Staff and the People You Serve

Hiring qualified talent quickly is essential in healthcare. But so is the safety of patients and staff. Our healthcare background checks drive healthy employment while avoiding the negative side effects of a bad hire.


Why Run Healthcare Background Checks?

Healthcare employees interact with vulnerable populations of people. Many of these employees deal with highly sensitive information as well. Who you hire for these positions matters, whether it's a physician, pharmacist, medical assistant, home health aide, or even the facility manager.

Of course, not every employee needs the same type of healthcare background check. Putting together the right background check for the right role is something Good Egg does incredibly well because your dedicated account manager takes the time to understand the different types of employees you hire—and, as a result, the background check package that will make the most sense for each employee.

Below are just some of the healthcare background checks that we can customize for you:

Is it really necessary to run healthcare background checks on physicians, nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, and other highly-educated applicants?

The short answer: YES.

Why? Because you're still dealing with humans. And not all humans are forthcoming on their resumes and CVs—some even downright lie or have a track record of problematic behavior. Just ask Walgreens—it employed an unlicensed pharmacist for over a decade. Or consider this case of an EMT making racist comments about one of his patients. Or see why had to pay a hefty fine due to holes in its background check process.

Bottom line: a string of impressive initials after a person's name shouldn't exempt them from a healthcare background check or ongoing monitoring.



The Good Egg Way: A Better Approach to Healthcare Background Checks

We strive to be the best-reviewed background check company on the planet. Why? Well, anyone can wax poetic about how great they are. But when other people are genuinely singing a company's praises, you know that company is the real deal.

Plus, we bring even more to the table:


Candidate Text Messaging: We make it so easy for your applicants to get their healthcare background checks completed because we can trigger everything from their smartphones.

ATS Integration: Efficient recruitment, streamlined applicant tracking, and easy monitoring—that's what healthcare companies desire and what we deliver with our ATS integrations.

Six-Star Customer Service: Yeah, we already mentioned it. But we're so proud of it, we're mentioning it again.

Happy Healthcare Customers

"Thanks to our partnership with Good Egg, it’s now easier than ever for our members to access modern background screening, tailored for community health centers, at a discounted price." ~ Rick Bryant, Director, CommonWealth Purchasing Group


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