Manufacturers Drug Test & Background Check

A Productive, Safe, and Reliable Workforce Begins with Excellent Screening

You know that your manufacturing company needs great employees. Let Good Egg help you hire them quickly.

The challenges manufacturers face

Nothing can decrease productivity for a manufacturing company like open positions, which is why you're under tremendous pressure to keep jobs filled.

But at the same time, you want a strong workforce, not a revolving door where people come and go because they lied about their qualifications, they abuse drugs, or they're unfit to handle the work.

So how do you bridge this gap? How can you quickly fill open positions with thoroughly vetted candidates?

Do These Things Keep You Up at Night?

  • Juggling multiple screening vendors (none of whom inspire much confidence)
  • Too many open positions! The company is losing money!
  • No idea when applicants are completing their drug tests and physicals, which slows down hiring and onboarding
  • Minimal support and no proactive updates from screening vendors
Just Some of the Manufacturing Customers We Serve Every Day

Our Successful Manufacturing Clients Know The Secrets to Better Employee Screening...

  • A dedicated point of contact gets everything done well—and quickly.
  • Proactive updates and professional communication make completing a screen easier for job applicants.
  • Monthly review calls continually optimize turnaround time.
  • 6-star customer service delivers a truly exceptional "relational" experience, not a "check the box" transactional one.

One Point of Contact

If you're using multiple vendors (one to handle background checks and another for drug testing or physicals), you're creating extra work for everyone (including your job candidates). Bringing everything under one roof saves time, money, and endless headaches.

At Good Egg, you're assigned a dedicated Customer Success Representative—someone who understands the nuances of your business and its hiring challenges. This person will seamlessly manage all of your screenings. Not to mention, he or she will make sure your company remains compliant.


Drug Test Assist

When it comes to drug testing, many job candidates drag their feet, and not because they're necessarily hiding anything. We can't change human nature. But we can give folks the helpful nudge they need to get the tests done.

Our team proactively reaches out to candidates and makes sure they know where the closest testing facility is. We also email/text reminders about their scheduled drug test. Drug Test Assist significantly increases the number of completed drug tests, which, in turn, helps you get people into their positions faster.


Proactive Communication

When's the last time a vendor called you, just to check in? Not because there's a problem and not because you called them first, but rather because they wanted to see how your business is doing, particularly the hiring process?

We communicate regularly. You'll always know the status of open screenings, recently completed screenings, and anything else you need to be aware of to keep your employee-screening program running smoothly and at peak performance.


6-Star Customer Service

We hate the word vendor. It's so clinical, so average, so unremarkable. Manufacturing, with all its complexities, doesn't need another vendor. You need a partner who gets your particular business and its hiring challenges. Then, you need that partner to solve for THOSE challenges, not some generic ones.

And that's exactly what your dedicated account manager will do by creating a custom screening solution, one that he or she will adjust for you over time, as your needs and workforce evolves.


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