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A Productive, Safe, and Reliable Workforce Begins with Excellent Manufacturing Background Screening

Nothing can decrease productivity for a manufacturing company like open positions, which is why you're under tremendous pressure to keep jobs filled. But at the same time, you want a strong workforce, not a revolving door where people come and go because they lied about their qualifications, they abuse drugs, or they're unfit to handle the work.

So how do you bridge this gap? How can you quickly fill open positions with thoroughly vetted candidates? Simple. By partnering with Good Egg.


Background Checks for Manufacturing

Below are just some of the manufacturing background screenings we recommend and can customize for your specific needs:

FAQ: Drug Testing Programs for Manufacturers

QUESTION: When it comes to developing an effective workplace drug testing program for our manufacturing plant, there are so many things to consider, especially as laws around marijuana constantly change. Can Good Egg help our company with this?

ANSWER: Absolutely! In fact, you said the magic word: "effective." In order to have an effective workplace drug testing program, you need to develop a comprehensive and compliant alcohol and drug policy. And when it comes to marijuana, we can help you compliantly navigate those murky legal waters as well. Read more.


The Good Egg Way: A Better Approach to Manufacturing Background Screening

We strive to be the best-reviewed background check company on the planet. Why? Well, anyone can wax poetic about how great they are. But when other people are genuinely singing a company's praises, you know that company is the real deal.

Plus, we bring even more to the table:


Candidate Text Messaging: We make it so easy for your applicants to get their manufacturer background checks completed because we can trigger everything from their smartphones.


ATS Integration: Efficient recruitment, streamlined applicant tracking, and easy monitoring—that's what manufacturing companies desire and what we deliver with our ATS integrations.


Six-Star Customer Service: Yeah, we already mentioned it. But we're so proud of it, we're mentioning it again.

Happy Manufacturing Customers

"It’s a relief to finally have a background screening partner we can trust to keep up with changing laws and perform due diligence. Knowing Good Egg is proactive and will alert us to any necessary changes is huge." ~ Assistant HR Manager with an Automotive Manufacturer


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