On-Demand Marketplaces

The Gig Economy Moves Fast. We’re Even Faster.

The gig economy is revolutionizing how people work, but not without risk. As you pioneer the new economy, Good Egg’s innovative technology and service will help you establish a trusted reputation through screening that’s built for the on-demand economy. Our open API is designed to streamline your onboarding process by finding qualified, compliant service providers quickly, while keeping ill-suited candidates away from your community and customers.


of workers will participate in the gig economy by 2020.


The On-Demand Marketplace Screening Continuum

Comprehensive screening solutions for a variety of your On-Demand Marketplace professionals

The Staffing Screening Continuum


  • Education and Employment Verifications
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Global Sanctions
  • Reference Checks
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Federal Criminal Nationwide



  • Criminal Monitoring
  • Motor Vehicle Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring

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