Staffing Agency Background Checks

Staffing Agency Background Checks That'll Keep Your Clients Happy

Your business thrives on delivering the best talent to your clients—quickly and compliantly.

Good Egg's candidate-friendly background check process ensures that you receive fast, accurate results that meet compliance standards—all while shortening the average time to hire.


Why Staffing Agencies Should Run Background Checks

Staffing agencies have one job: deliver the best people for their clients' needs. If you continuously send qualified candidates to your clients, they'll continue to use your services. Running a pre-hire background check on candidates is an excellent way to make sure you're indeed sending your clients the best of the best.

Below are just some of the staffing agency background checks that we can customize for you:

When it comes to running background checks on younger demographics, like millennials, do staffing agencies need a different approach?

At Good Egg, we think so. See, millennials are known as the "job-hopping generation," which can make employment verification harder—and perhaps even unnecessary. Think about it: would you care if the applicant's employment dates on their resume were "off" by 30 or 60 days? Probably not. But you would want to know if the person exhibited racist, intolerant, or illegal behaviors on social media, right?

Learn more about screening millennials and Gen Z.


The Good Egg Way: A Better Approach to Staffing Agency Background Checks

We strive to be the best-reviewed background check company on the planet. Why? Well, anyone can wax poetic about how great they are. But when other people are genuinely singing a company's praises, you know that company is the real deal.

Plus, we bring even more to the table:


Candidate Text Messaging: We make it so easy for your candidates to complete their background checks because we can trigger everything from their smartphones. This means faster results for you and faster turnaround for your clients.


ATS Integration: Efficient recruitment, streamlined applicant tracking, and easy monitoring—that's what staffing agencies need and precisely what we deliver with our ATS integrations.


Six-Star Customer Service: Yeah, we already mentioned it. But we're so proud of it, we're mentioning it again.

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