DOT Background Checks

One Stop for Thorough, Compliant & Fast DOT Background Checks

When you run a business in a highly regulated industry like transportation, you need a reliable partner who understands all the nuances and complexities. At Good Egg, we leverage the three decades' worth of experience our parent company—Foley Services—has in running thorough and compliant DOT background checks. This enables us to deliver one comprehensive screening solution to you. With Good Egg, now you can focus on hiring better drivers faster while maintaining 100% compliance.


What is a DOT Background Check?

We're using "DOT background check" as a catch-all phrase for the components all federally-regulated transportation companies must include for each driver. In addition, there are other types of background checks we recommend so that you continue to employ the safest drivers possible. Below is an overview:

Required DOT Background Check Services:

  • Safety Performance History

  • Motor Vehicle Report

  • 5-Panel DOT Drug Test

  • Clearinghouse Query

  • DOT Physical

Additional Background Check Services:

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • MVR Monitoring


  • Enhanced 10-Panel Drug Screen

  • FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

How Do You Run a Compliant DOT Background Check?

The keyword here is "compliant." And compliance is a challenging thing since regulations often change (the new DOT Clearinghouse is a good example).

So when it comes to how you should run a compliant DOT background check, there's only one acceptable answer: by working with a professional screening partner that has deep expertise in DOT background checks and compliance.

As a Foley company, Good Egg is uniquely positioned to be your partner. We have supreme expertise in the world of background checks plus vast experience working with and successfully helping transportation and DOT regulated companies meet the requirements of DOT background checks.


The Good Egg Way: A Better DOT Background Check Experience

We strive to be the best-reviewed background check company on the planet. Why? Well, anyone can wax poetic about how great they are. But when other people are genuinely singing a company's praises, you know that company is the real deal.

Plus, we bring even more to the table:


Candidate Text Messaging: We make it so easy for your employees to get their DOT background checks completed because we can trigger everything from their smartphones.

ATS Integration: Efficient recruitment, streamlined applicant tracking, and easy monitoring—that's what transportation companies desire and what we deliver with our ATS integrations.

Six-Star Customer Service: Yeah, we already mentioned it. But we're so proud of it, we're mentioning it again.


DOT Application: Our “driver first” application is the most widely adopted in the industry. Why? Because we’ve optimized it with the driver in mind. Just send them a link and they can fill it out easily on any device.


FMSCA & FCRA Compliant: Good Egg & Foley Services' technology mitigates risk by ensuring you get all the proper consents required by state and federal laws. Not to mention, we have an in-house compliance officer and legal team that stays ahead of the compliance curve.

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