MVR Checks & MVR Monitoring: What SMART Organizations Are Doing

Does your company employ drivers? Or do you have employees who drive on behalf of your company, like sales people, service technicians, even professionals like lawyers and accountants? Here's the thing: anyone driving for your company could potentially put your organization at risk. MVR checks and MVR monitoring can help mitigate this risk.

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Get the 411 on Motor Vehicle Reports

No doubt, you have many questions regarding motor vehicle reports, like what shows up, how far back MVR records go, and why continuous MVR monitoring might make sense for your business. Get all the answers to your questions.


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Good Egg's Approach to MVR Checks and MVR Monitoring

Motor vehicle accidents cost employers $60 billion annually due to medical care, legal bills, property damage, and lost productivity. The costs don't end there, either. After an accident, expect price hikes in things like insurance and workers' compensation. Not to mention the brand damage that can plague a company forever. Luckily, MVR checks and continuous MVR monitoring can help mitigate these risks.

MVR Checks

If you have employees driving for your company, you likely already conduct a pre-employment MVR check and an annual MVR review for each driver (and if you're a DOT-regulated business, you're required to run annual checks).

An MVR check is a report of a person's driving history. The MVR record includes information, such as license expiration, status, license class, endorsements, restrictions, traffic violations, accidents, vehicular crimes, suspensions—even unpaid parking tickets and, in some states, unpaid child support.

Continuous MVR Monitoring

Ongoing MVR monitoring of your drivers' motor vehicle records can help mitigate risks and liabilities as well. You'll be alerted when something happens with their driving records, which will allow you and your team to address concerns and put corrective action plans into place (if needed).

MVR monitoring identifies any changes to an active driver’s record as these changes occur. This can include citations, suspensions, expirations, revocations, and any other change to the person's MVR.

Yes, accidents do (and will) happen. But with MVR monitoring, you can take proactive measures rather than operate in "reactive" mode after something happens.

MVR Check and MVR Monitoring Features & Benefits

  • Compliant with DOT, FCRA, Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), and related state laws
  • Available as a one-time MVR check pre-hire, an annual re-screen, or continuous MVR monitoring service on employees' driving records
  • Can easily be bundled with our other employee screening solutions
  • Good Egg experts always available to answer questions and help interpret the reports so you can make the best hiring decisions

Frequently Asked Question about MVR Checks

How far back does a motor vehicle report go?

This varies by state. Most states fall within a 3- to 7-year lookback period (three years is the most common). There's no national database for searching drivers' records—we obtain MVR reports through a state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or its equivalent agency.


The number of driving accidents that result from work-related collisions.
[Source: Automotive Fleet Magazine]


How much money motor vehicle accidents cost employers in 2017.
[Source: Automotive Fleet Magazine]


How much it costs an employer when an employee has an on-the-job crash resulting in injury.
[Source: OSHA]

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