Post-Employment Background Checks & Screenings

Keep Your Workforce Safe & Operating at Peak Capacity

When people hear the words "post-employment background check" or "ongoing monitoring," it's easy for them to misunderstand the intent.

But here's the thing: it isn't about Big Brother spying on employees.

Instead, it's about protecting your company's brand; creating an environment that's free from sexist, racist, and other inappropriate behavior; and learning about criminal activity that occurs after the pre-employment screening.

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Ongoing monitoring

Because wouldn't you want to know if employees were talking about bringing a gun to work? Or if they were recently convicted of theft at another job? Or they were posting blatantly racist memes on Twitter and Facebook or making inappropriate comments about interactions with customers? How fast do you think any of these stories would be on social media and ruin your company's brand? Seconds?

Our post-employment checks and ongoing monitoring protect employees and your brand.

Knowing a person's present behavior and potential future behavior is just as important—and we'd argue, even more important—than simply looking at a person's past.

And that's what post-hire screenings and continuous screenings provide: knowledge. Knowledge so you can take appropriate action, protect your workforce, and safeguard your brand.

Problem is, not all screening companies offer quality post-employment background checks and ongoing monitoring.

But we do.

Good Egg's Approach

Our unique monitoring system and re-screenings offer ongoing post-hire insights that help minimize risks to your company and promote future success. Not only that, but we live and breathe compliance, all while protecting your employees' privacy.

Criminal Re-screening and Monitoring

It’s the gig economy where your employees have multiple jobs. Know when your employee has committed a crime so that you can take corrective action and prevent it from happening to your organization.
Learn more about criminal rescreening.


Social Media Monitoring

Your employees represent your brand, so how they conduct themselves online matters. Our social media monitoring respects your people's privacy while making sure you're alerted about problematic behavior.
Learn more about social media monitoring.


MVR Monitoring

Anyone driving on behalf of your company could potentially put your organization at risk. Motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring alerts you about suspended licenses and violations ASAP.
Learn more about MVR monitoring.


Drug Monitoring

Drug users are 300% less productive. That's the bad news. The good news? Random drug testing has proven to deter drug use. By regularly monitoring drug use, you can build a culture of productivity.
Learn more about drug monitoring.


Features & Benefits

  • Compliant: The rules are just as stringent as they were for your pre-employment screenings. We make sure everything is done in a legal and compliant manner.
  • Customizable: Choose what types of screenings you want, and bundle the ones that make sense for your workforce. Consider continuous monitoring, which looks at employees' past, present, and future behaviors.
  • 6-Star Customer Service: Think real-time updates on outstanding screens, single points of contact (all US-based), and same-day callbacks.
  • Turbo-Charged Technology: Paper-based checks are so last century. Our technology is fast, accurate, and provides true transparency on outstanding screens.
  • Effective: Learn about issues so you can take a proactive approach.
  • 100% secure: Your candidates' privacy is essential and protected every step of the way.

People with substance use disorders miss nearly 50% more work than their peers.
[Source: National Safety Council]


The percentage of occupational frauds committed by employees working in accounting, operations, sales, executive management, customer service, purchasing, or finance.
[Source: Intuit QuickBooks]


How much employee theft costs U.S. businesses each year.
[Source: CNBC]

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Criminal Record Checks

Confirm your applicant’s identity and protect your company from illegal activity with a wide range of screenings on local, state, and national levels.
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Social Media Screening

Get insight into potential cultural fit and protect your company’s reputation by searching your candidate’s presence in the media and on popular social platforms.
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Driver History

Be confident that you’re hiring the safest drivers with reports on license class, status, accident history, and citations.
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Drug Monitoring

Conducting drug test screenings for job applicants and employees is a no brainer. Our customizable program gets you quick, accurate results that will help inform hiring decisions and allow you to better manage and counsel your existing workforce.
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