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Community Healthcare Centers Get Help Recruiting Talent With Low Risk

MELVILLE, NY, November 15, 2018 – Good Egg and CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG) announced a strategic partnership to help CPG’s membership hire more effectively through Good Egg’s advanced background screening program.

The two industry-leading companies are teaming up to deliver faster, more thorough background screening services to CPG’s membership via the Good Egg platform. CPG’s membership can now take advantage of Good Egg’s progressive background screening solution that has proven to help employers screen job applicants faster and more thoroughly through mobile technology and social media screening.

With the use of social media exploding globally and with the advent of the gig economy, employers are turning to Good Egg to implement background screening solutions for the new economy. This includes inviting job applicants to complete their profile via text message, thoroughly screening all social media activity, and deploying Good Egg’s industry leading criminal monitoring. Over 1.2 billion people use social media daily and being able to screen an applicant’s social media activity helps employers reduce risk and improve culture. “The gig economy and explosion of social media requires employers to think differently about how to screen and select the best talent," said Joel Sitak, Chief Executive Officer at Good Egg. "Good Egg’s screening continuum helps employers bring their background screening programs into the modern day.”  

“After a thorough vetting process, Good Egg’s progressive approach to employment screening made our partnership decision easy,” said Rick Bryant, CPG’s Director. “Our partnership with Good Egg will make it easier than ever for our members to access modern background screening, tailored for community health centers, at a discounted price.”

This partnership will enable CPG members to:

  • Invite applicants to complete their background check profile via text messaging, improving response time and accuracy
  • Gain access to direct to court technology, drastically reducing the time it takes to complete criminal background checks
  • Implement contemporary screening through Good Egg’s social media screening
  • Deploy Good Egg’s post hiring criminal monitoring solution

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About Commonwealth Purchasing Group

Since 1998, CPG has helped community health centers save millions providing group programs and products leading to lower costs and improved efficiency at community health centers and human services organizations to further their respective missions.

About Good EggTM
Today, everyone has a digital footprint, thanks to social media. As a result, conducting employee background checks has become a lot more complicated. Not to mention old screening methods haven't kept up. Good Egg’s employee background screening solution combines the human touch with lightning fast technology that not only looks at a person's past, but also their present and future behaviors. This helps HR managers hire more good eggs faster and with confidence, while maintaining 100% compliance. Good Egg is headquartered in Melville, NY. To learn more about Good Egg, visit