Understanding the 7-Year Lookback Rule in Background Checks

A criminal background check is a key part of the pre-employment screening process, as it can provide a deeper understanding of a person's character and trustworthiness - along with whether they have the potential to compromise the safety of your workplace.

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Danielle Deutsch

Danielle Deutsch
Danielle is the Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator at Good Egg & Foley Services. In her spare time you can find her either visiting an aquarium, enjoying a Broadway show or competing in a Crossfit competition.

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How Social Media Screening Can Help Foster a Better Workplace Culture

Let's face it: Toxic workplaces don't happen overnight. They fester over months—even years—if left unchecked. The toxicity tends to lurk in the shadows at first, beginning with an inappropriate joke by the water cooler or an off-color text exchanged ...


Social Media Screening Can Help Avoid Embarrassing PR Nightmares

It never fails to amaze us that people don't realize that their inappropriate social media posts will come back to haunt them someday. It also never fails to amaze us that many brands don't have a formal social media screening policy in place. Or ...


Background Screening Policy Sample

If you want to create an effective employee screening program, you need a clear background check policy. But what should go in it? Below, we're providing an overview of what should go into a background screening policy. We've also created a ...


Why Healthcare Background Checks Matter

Today, we're going to shine the spotlight on healthcare background checks, an apt choice, given the pandemic. Hiring qualified healthcare workers is incredibly important, and background checks can go a long way in making sure you do exactly that.


Why Social Media Screening is Becoming Increasingly Important

From a global pandemic to social unrest, the country has gone through a lot of changes in the last 12 months. At Good Egg & Foley, one thing we’ve noticed during this time as well, is an increase in demand for social media screening.


The Social Media Background Check: Pros and Cons

We're big fans of social media screening. This shouldn't surprise anyone. But we're also big fans of objectivity. So let's take a deeper dive into the social media background check—pros and cons.


Background Check or Criminal Record Check: What's the Difference?

People sometimes use the terms "background check" and "criminal record check" interchangeably. But they are two different things. Let's dig in and clarify what we mean.


3 HR Trends to Watch in 2021

At Good Egg, we work closely with human resource departments large and small. Here's our take on three HR trends to watch in 2021, particularly as they relate to recruitment, culture management, and background checks.


Background Check Resources: Our Top 10 Posts from 2020

In case you've been distracted in 2020 (who hasn't?), here's a roundup of our most viewed blog posts from the last 12 months. (Not all were published this year, but all are still relevant.) Happy reading!


Social Media Screening for Powerful Insights

When it comes to the people you hire, character matters. After all, you want a safe and productive workforce filled with people who reflect your company's values, right? But here's the thing: A person’s character is not a single data point. Instead, ...


Is Good Egg a Reputable Background Check Company?

At the beginning of 2020, which feels like 100 years ago, we made a bold declaration that we wanted to be the best reviewed background check company in the galaxy. Why? Well, real reviews from real people (customers and candidates alike) can provide ...


HR Culture Management: How Employee Screening Can Help

According to this article, one of the top challenges facing human resources this decade is HR culture management. But what is HR culture management? And what does it have to do with employee screening anyway? Let's dig in...


Screening Santa's Elves: Why Seasonal Workers Need Background Checks

While 2020 has been a wild ride for everyone—a ride that continues to influence the holiday season—one thing that hasn't changed is this: You should always background check your seasonal workers. Back in May of 2019, we did a deep dive into all the ...


4 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid with a Remote Workforce

As more employers embrace remote workforces thanks to the pandemic, more recruitment efforts will take place remotely as well. Here are four hiring mistakes to avoid as you recruit new people to work from home.


Hello, Remote Workforces! What this Means for Employee Screening

COVID-19 caused many companies to shift to remote workforces. But then something interesting happened along the way: Many companies realized their employees could still be productive, even if they weren't in the office. As a result, more and more of ...


4 Ways to Improve Remote Candidate Experiences

Delivering an amazing candidate experience is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the experience will give prospective employees a taste of what it might be like to work for your company. First impressions matter. Even if ...


What Does Certified Background Screening Even Mean?

When evaluating background screening services, one piece of advice you'll often hear is this: Choose a vendor that's been accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). But what does accreditation even mean? And why should ...


Is Social Media Screening Ethical?

Many prospects and customers ask us the following question: Is social media screening ethical? Often, what they're really asking is whether social media screening is legal. Legal and ethical are very different things. So let's unpack both questions ...


How to Vet Top Background Screening Companies

The background check industry is super competitive. (No doubt, you already know this.) While we do believe Good Egg is one of your best options (if not the very best!), we'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge that there are other quality background ...


What Is Employer Branding & Why Should You Care?

No doubt, you're already familiar with the concept of a company "brand," which involves how customers perceive your company and its products or services. But did you know that you also need to think about your brand from your employees' perspectives ...


DOT Background Checks 101

Why does the Department of Transportation (DOT) require such vigorous background checks? The bottom line is safety—the safety of your drivers, passengers, and other people on the road. For the purpose of this article, we're going to give a ...


The Ultimate Background Check Vendor Checklist

Searching for a new employee screening company? Keep our background check vendor checklist handy and see how many companies meet the criteria outlined below.


Why is Pre-Employment Background Screening Important?

One of the most common questions we hear from prospective clients is this: Why is pre-employment background screening important? Let's dig into four compelling reasons...


How to Measure Candidate Experience: 3 Quick Ways

At Good Egg, we talk a lot about candidate experience, and for good reason. Surveys show that 60% of job candidates have had poor experiences during the hiring process. Not only that, but bad experiences can result in tough consequences for the ...


4 Reasons Why Employment Verifications and Reference Check Services Still Matter

Thanks to the gig economy as well as Millennials and Gen Z workers who don't stay at jobs for longer than a handful of years, it might be easy to wonder why you should bother using employment reference check services in the first place. Aren't they ...


Strategies for Overcoming 3 Common HR Challenges in Recruitment

Do you work in HR? Do you ever struggle when it comes to hiring? Below, you'll find strategies for overcoming three common HR challenges in recruitment.


Reliable Background Screening Services: How to Tell

You need reliable background screening services for your organization. But let's back up a second. What does "reliable," in this context, even mean? And how can you evaluate background check companies for reliability anyway? So glad you asked! Keep ...


Social Media Monitoring: A Smart Option for Remote Workforces

Companies with remote workforces—especially those that had to make the move suddenly due to COVID-19—should consider ongoing social media monitoring of employees. Here are three reasons why.


How Background Checks Protect Employees, Customers, and Businesses

We often say that a solid employee screening program will help protect employees, customers, and the business itself. Today, let's discuss exactly how certain types of background checks accomplish this.


Why Ongoing Monitoring Isn't Spying

Those who come out against ongoing monitoring are often quick to liken it to spying and "Big Brother"—the concept made famous in George Orwell's novel 1984. Wikipedia explains, "In modern culture, the term 'Big Brother' has entered the lexicon as a ...


3 More Benefits of ATS & Background Check Integrations

Integrating your applicant tracking system (ATS) with your background check vendor can be one of the smartest moves you make (provided it's done right—more on that in a bit).


How Good Egg Creates Excellent Candidate Experiences

Creating great candidate experiences is an excellent way to make a positive first impression on your prospective employees. On the flip side, a poor experience might sour someone's perception of your company—even if only subliminally—before they ...


Your Ultimate Guide to MVR Background Checks

Here’s a secret: you probably have more employees driving on behalf of your company than you might think. The problem? This creates additional liability for your organization. The good news? MVR background checks and ongoing MVR monitoring can help ...


Why Small Businesses Shouldn't Ditch Background Checks Now

The pandemic has plunged everyone into uncertainty, small businesses in particular. Many are looking for ways to save money by cutting expenses. While it might sound self-serving for us to say "don't cut back on your background check orders," ...


A Better Background Check Process Can Give You a Hiring Edge

One way to get the best candidates to say "YES" to your job offer is by making sure they have a great experience throughout every stage of the hiring process—and this most certainly includes background checks. Think about it: If a competitor's ...


Why Social Media Screening Matters in the Age of Covid and Remote Working

As the country reopens from pandemic lockdown and more and more companies relax their hiring freezes, one background check in particular will be a must on a go-forward basis: the social media background check. Why? Here are three reasons:


Evaluating Your Background Check Process: 5 Red Flags to Look For

People don't always know what they don't know, right? This is especially true for background checks. If you've been doing background checks the same way for years, or you "inherited" an existing process, and/or the process doesn't appear to be ...


5 Best Practices of Employer Background Checks

Want to up your game when it comes to creating an effective employee screening program? Follow these best practices of employer background checks.


How Important is a Social Media Background Check?

One of the most common employee screening questions we get is this one: are social media background checks REALLY necessary? The short answer is YES. Social media background checks are absolutely critical when hiring today.


A Better Background Check Vendor Could Have Saved this Company 7.5M

You might have heard about Walgreens having to pay a 7.5 million-dollar settlement because it employed an unlicensed pharmacist for over a decade. While we can only speculate how something like this happened, the case does highlight several points ...


How Far Back Does a Background Check Go?

We get many questions regarding background check lookback periods, and like so many things in life, the answer is "it depends." It can depend on the type of background check you're ordering, the state you're operating in, as well as other ...


How Does Social Media Monitoring in Background Checks Work?

We've all heard sensational news reports about people who've shared something so horrendous online, the content goes viral and the resulting backlash has big consequences, like job termination. One recent example involves an EMT who made racist ...


3 Background Checks That Mitigate Risk if Employees Drive for You

If you have employees driving on behalf of your company, this creates risk, such as rising insurance premiums, negligent entrustment liability, and pricey lawsuits. At Good Egg, we recommend a three-prong background check solution to mitigate these ...


5 Reasons You Need Good Egg's Candidate Text Messaging

Let's face it: the U.S. labor market remains incredibly competitive, thanks to a low unemployment rate. As a result, recruiting quality workers has become increasingly challenging. CNN reported in 2018 that the job market was so good that some ...


How to Make Sure Your Background Check Process is Fair & Accurate

When it comes to background checks, fairness and accuracy are essential. Here's how to make sure your employee screening process is exactly that.


The CFO's Guide to Auditing Background Check Spend in 2020

As CFO, you're constantly looking for ways to rein in wasteful spending and lower operational expenses. One area that's easy to overlook is employee screening, since the day-to-day tasks associated with background checks typically fall under HR's ...


Our Mission: To Be the Best Reviewed Background Check Company in the Galaxy

At the start of a new year and new decade, many companies embark on bold missions, and at Good Egg, we're no different. If you've been following us at all over the last twelve months, you've probably heard us mention our desire to be the ...


3 Reasons Why You Should Use Good Egg's MVR Monitoring

We've written a lot about motor vehicle record (MVR) checks. If you want to read deeply about various aspects of MVRs, check out the following... What's an MVR Report and Why Should More Companies Care? 5 Benefits of MVR Monitoring Ask the Attorney: ...


3 Ways to Boost Background Check Turnaround Time in 2020

We recently wrote an in-depth article about why background checks can sometimes take so long. There are many reasons for delays—and most are beyond a background check vendor's control. The good news? There are ways to boost background check ...


5 Benefits of MVR Monitoring

Here's a secret: you likely have many more people driving on behalf of your company than you realize. Think sales reps, customer service folks, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and so forth. Even if these workers use their own vehicles, if they're ...


4 Important Truths About Background Check Service Costs

When it comes to evaluating the cost of background check services, people often grapple with certain pervasive myths. Here are four of the most common: Basic screenings are sufficient. Ongoing monitoring is a pricey extra. Online "instant" ...


How to Choose the Best Background Check Service Partner

Not all background check service partners are created equal, something you likely already know. If you're auditing your current background check vendor and/or vetting potential partners, this blog post will help. In it, you'll find 10 questions to ...

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